This is a quick tutorial on how, and why, to "dry clean" your Bless Beard boar's bristle beard brush!

Step 1: Retrieve your brush and a trashcan. Also grab some Q-Tips and a toothpick or two. 

Step 2: Using the Q-Tips and toothpicks scrape up any loose hairs or debris. 

Step 3: Use your fingers to remove the debris and deposit it into the trash can.

Step 4: As a final aspect of the dry cleaning process, using your hand, brush off the bristles to remove any left over pieces of debris. 

I would recommend doing this once a week, or as often as you see fit! 

Every so often, refer to our deep cleaning process to give your beard brush a deep cleaning!

Come back later for Tips & Tricks on "Deep Cleaning" your beard brush!

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