The Blessed Beard has sought out other local makers to help infuse our business with only the best. Even when pursuing product that isn’t directly made locally, we want to make sure that we find another vendor we can partner with. Our beard comb is one of those products!


Handmade, using maple and katalox woods, in the Charlotte area this comb is everything you have been looking for! Because of their handmade nature, we sell them in small batches, so grab it while you can! 

    Inlaid Comb

    SKU: MR-1001-63

    Wood combs are helpful in a number of ways:

    • All wood composition prevents static while combing, & split ends from forming
    • Beard combs help to spread product evenly around beard
    • Combing your beard “activates” hair follicles, stimulating blood flow
    • Regular combing helps to keep your hair straighter, preventing tangled or ingrown hairs