This pomade was scented in such a way that every main aromatic genre is included, but nothing overpowers your daily scent (cologne, beard oil, lotion or balm). Consisting of notes like vanilla, fir, peppermint, and frankincense (among other essential oils) this blend will casually dissipate into whatever else you may be wearing.

Clay Based Pomade

SKU: GG-8640009-50

Great for any type of hair, but best on shorter hair. Men, women, and children can use this all-natural product! Your hair will look great, and you will find yourself spending less time styling it with our pomades! Simply scrape up your desired amount (a little goes a long way), warm in your hand and work into your hair starting from the back. Style using brush, comb, or round brush for best results. The pomade leaves behind a more matte finish, keeping your hair from being too shiny! The clay pomade can be reactivated during the day by running damp hands through your hair and recombing. Don’t let your hair determine your style! Use The Blessed Beard’s pomade to control that mane!

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