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These combs have worked wonders on their owners beards, and we know you will find joy in keeping your beard tidy!

Beard Comb

  • Made from 100% wood, these combs are helpful in a number of ways:

    • All wood composition prevents static while combing, & split ends from forming
    • Beard combs help to spread product evenly around beard
    • Combing your beard “activates” hair follicles, stimulating blood flow
    • Regular combing helps to keep your hair straighter, preventing tangled or ingrown hairs
  • As you are looking at the products that The Blessed Beard offers, look here to see what offers are available!

    • Conditioning Oils come in 1 oz glass bottles
    • Conditioning Balms come in 2 oz glass jars
    • Washes come in 8 oz plastic PET bottles
    • Pomades come in 2 oz glass jars
    • Salt Sprays come in 8 oz plastic PET bottles
    • Aftershave Tonics come in 1 oz glass bottles
    • Shaving soap comes as 2.5 oz in a glass Hermes jar

    Each of these products should last over 2-3 months. From experience, and feedback, we at The Blessed Beard recommend using the products up in less than 6 months. The products begin to lose their full symphonic aromatic qualities after 6+ months. 


    Any other questions, hit up the chat box!