AROMATIC NOTES: Top notes centered around sweet floral essential oils like lavender, geranium and ylang ylang. Middle notes of wood like cedarwood and spruce. Base notes of spices like frankincense and black pepper. These are all paired with nearly twenty other essential oils to create a robust, cologne-esque experience. 


PAIRS WELL WITH: Brotherhood, Cinder, Eden



Awakening Balm

SKU: WL-6912000-30

Simply scrape up at least a dime’s worth of balm, warm it in your hands and rub it in wherever it is needed. After application, rub any excess on your face, in your hair, along your arms, or anywhere else on your body and see how effortlessly it will absorb and nourish everything it touches. No shiny, greasy beard, no oily hands – just pure conditioned bliss.