AROMATIC NOTES: This blend is unparalleled! It is impossible to reproduce! It is a symphony of scents! I create this blend by mixing up bits of all my scents while I am bottling them. Any extra is added to a special bottle that is mixed up and redistributed into the Scentphony bottles! So far, every random blend has been a hit! 


PAIRS WELL WITH: Basically any aromatic blend that we make!



SKU: SA-1163807-20

Apply using 3-6 drops (depending on length, and thickness of beard) and gently rub the oil into the skin. Whether clean shaven, or fully beardiful, this oil will do wonders to moisturize and nourish your skin! After applied, simply rub excess oil in your hair, or on the rest of your body, and see how effortlessly it will absorb and nourish everything it touches. No shiny, greasy beard, no oily hands – just pure conditioned bliss. Use it as a pre-shave oil, or directly after toweling your beard dry! You cannot go wrong with The Blessed Beard’s conditioning oil!